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Dolifka & Associates has particular expertise in handling some of the more complicated financial aspects of divorce, including the division and valuation of large marital estates and other complex financial matters. Our attorneys are skilled in the complex area of analyzing and dividing retirement benefits in a divorce, and we are sought out by Alaskans who need assistance understanding and strategically negotiating retirement assets during a divorce.

If you are currently going through a divorce or legal separation or are thinking about filing for divorce or legal separation, and either you or your spouse is a participant in a retirement plan, contact Dolifka & Associates today.

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    Our top divorce and QDRO lawyers help with the following:

    Obtaining an initial QDRO

    Modifying a previously-issued QDRO

    Negotiating with plan administrator

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    Frequently asked questions

    Have questions about QDRO or the division of assets in a divorce? Dolifka & Associates is here to help you. Call (907) 262-2910 today!

    A QDRO is a qualified domestic relations order – a court order that is drafted for the purpose of dividing the account of the retirement plan participant and assigning a portion of their benefit awarded to a former spouse, a child, or dependent. A QDRO is often necessary to enforce the award.
    If the retirement plan in question is offered through the military or civil service, you cannot receive your former spouse’s interest in the retirement benefit that was awarded to you without a QDRO or similar court order. The QDRO must state with particular detail how the retirement benefit is divided and must be consistent with the terms of the retirement plan itself.